The Organization Of Phone Protection and Security is a multimedia marketing project by songwriter Orion Williams and a way to support his latest song I Dropped My Phone and its accompanying music video.

The inspiration for I Dropped My Phone

Orion dropped his phone on the concrete walkway while leaning over to pluck a weed.

After dropping his phone, a Microsoft Lumia 950XL, it landed squarely screen down on the pavement. Orion hoped with all his might that the screen would be “OK”. As he cautiously lifted the phone from the sidewalk and rotated it, his fears were realized. That once-glorious high resolution screen was shattered, chipped, and scratched.

Dejected and mildly depressed, Orion went into his house and reported the damage to his wife and children. They understood that this was a difficult time for Orion, as he values technology and generally takes great care with all of his belongings.

Orion found a coping method in a familiar place, songwriting. He began putting his tale of loss into rhyme, and before long was chuckling to himself. He had taken lemons and made lemonade.