You want to contact me? I told you I dropped my phone!!

Just kidding. I mean, I did actually drop my phone, but I’ve since replaced it. That’s not what I meant.

Since this entire website is mostly just a way to get people to listen to my song I Dropped My Phone and laugh at my expense, I don’t actually expect anyone to contact me through this site.

However, if you are so inclined, you can leave a comment on my YouTube video, or on my Facebook page, or you can tweet me. Feel free to tell me how much you liked I Dropped My Phone. I would love to hear that. 🙂 The song is available on iTunes, Google Play, Groove Music, Spotify, Amazon,…blah blah blah, it’s everywhere! If you enjoy the song immensely, download a copy.

I hope you enjoy the song/video. I also hope that if your phone is sick, that it makes a speedy recovery. If your phone is in healthy working condition, please keep it that way. A screen protector and phone case can save you hundreds of dollars in cash and hours of your time. Take care!